Last year I discovered two things about myself. I love to work out. I used to hate it but then discovered how high you can feel from it afterwards. I also discovered ******* beyond what I ever knew before. This year, I discovered that if you put the two together, you have a feeling that is beyond imaginable. Today I put on my skimpiest workout top and my skin tight work out shorts and was off to the gym. I am pretty fit and love to show off my long legs and my strength. Today I was feeling very horny before I left for the gym. When I am feeling that way I have a great need to really push myself hard at the gym. After a great workout and while my heart was still racing I went home as quickly as I could and went straight to my room and closed and locked the door. I got my vibrator out and laid across my bed. As soon as I turned it on and touched it to my body and could feel the pulsing blood flow through me and my body start to build towards an ******. I have learned that I can go from 0 to 100 very fast. I have had to learn to control it to make it last longer. As I lay on my bed and turn my hips up towards the ceiling it builds and builds inside me. I tingle all over and my entire body starts to quiver. Today it was uncontrollable shaking and I could feel my entire body take off. As I felt like I was getting to the top of my climax and worked at the control so I could go farther with it. My body went into a sweat and I felt the climax take control of me. Then I let myself come back down. I lowered my hips and butt to the bed and my body just shook. It was an incredible feeling. I rested for just a few minutes and wanted and needed at least one more. I moved the vibrator back to my **** and raised my hips and in just mere moments was back at the top again and this time just let it go, no control, just pure ******. It is a high like no other. I climbed up off the bed and walked naked into the bathroom and into the shower. Feeling myself dripping between my legs. I let the water from the shower wash over me. I took great pleasure in rubbing the soap all over my body and feeling the fullness of my breast afterwards and the fullness of my lips between my legs. This was a good morning.
Pixiesrcute Pixiesrcute
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Pixie! Hot story.

I wish I could relax like that...