When It's Good...

I have a lover who can make me *** in seconds, if he so chooses.  I don't know how he does it, but something about the way he fits me just hits all the right places.  The trouble is, after one ****** I instantly need more.  The more I *** the more I want and I get locked into a delicious cycle of need and satisfaction that goes on and on.... 

Those are my favorite *******.  Nothing recharges me like a couple..lol..dozen, of those.  
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11 Responses May 6, 2012

The more ******* the better! Love your story!
Please add me. Just posted some new pics.

Your BF should give lessons, he must be talented on simply know how to push all the right buttons with you!

Hmmm, sounds like you'd enjoy more than one guy to make sure this happens.

Wow ! awesome for you ! im the same way ! when my gf and i make love and have mind blowing sex before bed, i wake up during the night and want her again , and again in the morning ! the more i get , the more i want ! just like you babe ! you are an awesomely sexy lady ! growl ! xo

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im the same way love your story

i would first please you with my tongue and make u cumm all over my mouth--after that i would pound your nice wet **** to another ****** and then hit you tight *** hole and meka us *** togehter

We love that you love *******! Rock on.

It is so exciting making a woman *** and *** and ***...........

I happen to like it too...lol :)

I enjoy bringing a woman to multiples!

great sex hunger! Nothing like a girl who loves her *******.