A Tumblr Sex Story

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My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years and I have sooo many stories to tell! Haha but I’m just going to share my favorite one :)

I was over at his house one night when no one else was there; we were hanging out in his room when we had started playfully wrestling. It was so sexy to have his body on mine trying to hold me down & what not, anyways.. I had gotten on top of him and had both of his hands underneath of mine and leaned down for a kiss when his hand slipped out from under mine, he ran it down my back and tapped my butt a little and said tap out. He stuck his fingers right under the top of my jeans and slid them around to the front where he had started unbuttoning my jeans. I was kissing him more frantically, while he began to bite on my lip. He slipped off my shirt and pulled my jeans off, he flipped me over and started kissing all the way from my lips to my neck to my chest to my tummy, paying extra attention to sucking on my boobs. He kissed and licked right above my panties (which drove me absolutely insane), he started rubbing my thighs and kissing them as well. He then slipped off my panties and ate me out, which in all honesty was one of theee best ******* I’ve ever had. When he was done, I pulled him back up and started to make out with him more while I pulled off his shirt and slid my hand down his body, to his jeans where I started unbuttoning them while he was rubbing me. I slipped my hand down his boxers and gave him a small hand job until I made my way down to give him a bj. I started off by licking the bottom of his **** and softly tugging on his balls (which I definitely recommend ladies or for men with partners, ha) it drove him crazyyy! Eventually, I got him so hard, he was pretty much begging me to just take over. So I got on him and started to ride him. ;)
AllieAnn12 AllieAnn12
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012