Thank You, Oscar.

I will always be grateful to my 7th grade teacher, who, behind those big glasses and a sheepish smile, was, and I'm sure she still is, the first and unfortunately the only person I've known to be Oscar's fan. She taught me to appreciate him as much as she did, and though I've just read a few of his stories, I consider myself as one great fan (I'm recerving all the other stories and poems to my future so I would never run out of Oscar).

I feel as though I knew him, well, what can I say? It's easy to do so while reading one of his stories. If I ever see myself as I writer, I want to have, if just a little bit of his genius. Thank you, Oscar, for allowing me the delight I enjoy each time I read something of yours.
GirlInTheMirror GirlInTheMirror
1 Response Aug 7, 2010

" I'd never run out of Oscar." Lovely ex<x>pression,lovely thought I mean to express how much you're a fan of him.