Oscar Wilde - My Patron Saint

I love Oscar Wilde because he and his books made me realize that there is more to the human soul and psyche and its expression in literature than meets the eye. Firstly, I read "The Picture of Dorian Gray" when I was 14. Without knowing anything in particular about the author's social and historical background and how he might process this in his work, I was captured by the decription of Dorian's narcissistic character and his relationship to the society that he lives in. Afterwards, "Salome", "The Importance of Being Earnest" and many more works of Oscar, be it fairytales, narrations or poems, became my constant literary companions throughout the years. Now, ten years later at the end of my university studies, I picked Dorian Gray and his creator as the main topic of my bachelor's thesis. Although this might sound kind of cheesy;): Oscar's spirit guided me throughout this exhausting process of six months and helped me to continue and finish my argumentation - that's the reason why I call him my patron saint. Although "ideals are dangerous things", in my opinion Oscar Wilde is the ideal of a timeless author who shared epic thoughts in his books with the rest of the world. Thank you, Oscar.
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Oscar does seem to have that effect on people and sometimes it is better if the persons stumbles upon his work without knowing any background <br />
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Have you read de profundis?<br />
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