They Are Simply Amazing.

Otep is an amazing band. Their songs scream out to me so much. They scream out hurt, pain, suffering.
Invisible and Perfectly Flawed really get me thinking, especially when I'm down. There isn't a single song of theirs I hate.
I first discovered Otep in 2009, I think. I saw the Confrontation video, and was completely blown away. I automatically had an attraction and admiration for Otep Shamaya. 
Now talking about Otep. She is an amazing, thought provoking and artistic woman. She never fails to amaze me. 
She is so tragically beautiful...beautifully tragic. She's an amazing woman, she is such an influence upon me.
I really love how Otep aren't afraid to tackle very touchy subjects. Rape, Murder, War, Famine, Poverty. They are a truly brave band, reaching farther politically than any other, in my opinion. I simply love them. If I'm ever going to make it out as a musician, I'll proudly say that Otep are one of my many influences. You guys are great. 
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And log!!!! Two amazing bands

otep shamaya is my idol :')

Your awesome lol. She is one of mine too :') I'm gonna have to add you now :)

haha go ahead :)

Haha I did :)

have you ever heard of opeth? read some of their lyrics, you might like them.. :)

I've heard of them. I will, thank you :)

their lead singer Mikael Akerfeldt is an angel :')

Awww :) definitely going to have to check out this angel :P

tell me what you think when you check them out :D

I will :D

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