Half Naked

My wife is very modest. I know it seems like a contradiction since she does get fxcked by one of my friends but even he does it in the dark as she asks. She has great ****,and shows some cleavage at times. The other day we were out for a drive and she fell asleep in the car ,It was hot so she just wore a blouse, no bra I parked, gently unbuttoned her blouse and let the wind blow on her bare ****. nipples as well. People walking by could see her nipples. I saw a couple of men come back twice. and they looked at me but said nothing Too bad I could not get her shorts off. I do not believe in modesty especially if you are a woman who likes men to chase her
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

would love to see and comment on her. pls add me

nice trick