I Love Other Man Seeing My Wife Naked

I too like to expose my wife naked to strangers

few months ago I and my wife , went for a vacation , and were staying in a resort far away from city.

there was a massage room in that resort which was open air and in a secluded corner , but it was covered with curtains on 3 sides. it was quite windy and curtains tend to move a little bit, I accompanied my wife to that massage room and she was totally naked and a female masseuer was doing her massage.

I was watching from outside with slightly shifted curtains.

I then noticed 2 guys watching what i was doing.

I went to them and invited them to have a look by slightly shifting the curtains, without making any noise, and they were glad to accept my invitation.

I enjoyed it too much to let those 2 men watch my wife naked and being massaged by a female .
zumru zumru
46-50, M
9 Responses Jan 7, 2013

lol! I would kill my husband if he did this!

yes but only if you new he had done it us guys are very crafty in getting thing we want that turn us on lol

no, my husband wouldn't break my trust like that.

you are a really good guy I hope you did a repeat performance with her

Your a good man!

Yes v hot.

Did you or the other men happen to take an photos? What a great opportunity to record something erotic!

Hot! Did you tell her about it and se her reaction?



hi...I am online on Yahoo now......can U cm on YM for Live show.....!!!!!

wooww......wht a lucky they were.....May I hv try my luck....

thanks for your comment sir , it all happens in a spur of a moment , nothing is planned, things just happen,

I dont know how and when u can try your luck sir,

thanks anyways

if u wish ...things can be happened in any way....we can find out a easy way....

anyways, thnx for reply....