My Wife Being Tested By Male Doctor While I Watched

my wife has been never massaged by a male yet, although its my most favourite far no male has touched her other than me and her gynac doctor.

that reminds me of a sad yet erotic story and one may call me sadist, i will still share it with this group

Few months ago she has lots of pain in her lower abdomen and uterus,and the doctor suggested her to get a sonography done

i took her to a sonography clinic and theere was a man of about 40 years to do this sonography test , he was assisted by a female nurse.

i was present in that small room where in the doctor asked her to lower her pants and lift her shirt upwards, exposing her stomach way down till her ***** hair can be seen , he also asked her to lower her underwear much lower but not exposing *****.

( i am sorry my medical knowledge is not much and i may be short of some medical words)

then i could see that doctor taking a probe and moving it freely on her tummy all over and watching in a screen connected with some machine.
after the test of sonography he said she has some fibroids in her uterus, and if i want further details an internal sonography needs to be done. I asked my wife , and she said yes as she was in pain

then the doctor left the room and asked the lady nurse to prepare my wife for internal sonography.i was asked to move little away , and she put a curtain on in between me and that table where my wife was.I was watching through a very small gap between the curtains. the nurse asked my wife to take off everything , even undergarments and wear a robe and lie on bed.

after she made my wife ready on table she called the doctor in and i was waiting outside curtain area , and i was watching everything through that very small gap in between curtains. the doctor asked my wife to lift her legs and fold by knees and widen her legs. i could see her ***** wide open . and then the docor took some white plastic probe in his hand and applied some gel and then he inserted that probe in her open *****.

i was feeling bad that my wife had these dangerous cysts in her uterous but it was destiny. the doctor hand was covered with rubber gloves but his hand was resting and bit inside her ***** lips and he was inserting that white probe much deeper to make detailed study. it went on few minutes . I was extremely horny and at same time very sad that she got those cysts which could force her to go for an operation to remover her uterus.

after few minutes the test was done , and we came back home .
I could not forget that doctors hand entering her ***** , at same time i was asking myself if i was sadist ? till date i did not share this story with anyone , i feel may be you can tell me if i am maniac or is it ok to enjoy that scene.for that doctor this could be routine scene but for me it was dream come true.

i need peoples opinion if I am crazy in this story or I am justified in deriving my pleasure in such a situation

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After marriage, we visited my in-laws for a few days. While there my wife broke out in a bad rash on her behind do her motejar arrancad s quick appointment euro the familiy doctor. My wife did not like him because she said she always felt like he was a perv but she was in misery with the rash & he was the only doctor who would see her on such notice. Once there, the nurse put us in a room to wait. When he came in he gave my wife a long-time-no-see hug and asked why she was there. She told him and he said " Let's take a look" , turned her around & started pulling her slacks & panties down by her waistband while he sat in the chair my wife had been sitting in. She was startled, gave me a questioning look, & helped the Dr pull her clothes down to her knees, exposing her gorgeous butt, hips & thighs, & when she separated her legs slightly, her ***** lips hung in plain sight. He touched a few goose bump sized red pimples from the rash & then ran his cupped hand over the area down to her *** cheeks. He then grabbed her hips as he said," Let's see if the rash has spread to the front, getting ready to turn her around, all the while I sat right next to them with a screaming hard on. so badly wanting to watch the expression on my wife's & the Dr's faces as he stared nose-to-***** at her wonderfully large and shaved pubic mound & luscious lips but she would not have it. She bent , shoving her bare *** into his face, grabbed the waist of her pants & as she pulled them up, she turned & told him that there was no rash in the front, bringing my living erotica to an end. The Dr told my wife she had nothing to worry about. Her rash was caused by stress & would go away in a day or so. He stood up, attempted to give my wife a hug but only got a firm handshake, then as he left the room he yelled to his nurse," There is no charge for today's visit!" and we left. While driving home, my wife spoke out, " That SOB just had me prostitute myself for a $35.00 office visit . He fondled me! See, I told you he was a perve! Thankfully she never realized that the bigger perve sat excitedly enjoying the entire pornographic "Dr-Patient examination" scene & was nor driving her home. I hope you enjoyed my story, my friend, because it is a fellow pervert's long-winded answer to your question. Now for the short version, " My friend, it seems that you are just as big a sex freak as I am. Especially if you are breathing hard and massaging your erect penis like I do every time I think about my wife letting that Dr yank her pants & panties to her knees in one expert swipe & envision her standing with her bare *** in that Dr's face, so close he could smell it and her ***** and fondle her ***. We're perverted my friend. Why try to deny it when there is so much sexiness to remember and explore?

Would love to see her :-) !!

this is a very sexy story and the kind of thing that really gets me going! I love the idea of my husband getting excited whilst he watched me being examined like this and I don't think you're abnormal at all :)

no not sadistic or crazy it is a natural feeling some guys go mad because their wife is undergoing this with a man doing it some guys have mixed feelings mad but excited at the same time then there are us guys that get real excited at another guy seeing and touching our wives ***** [vagina] is the correct medical term for her *****, we just love to see these things happen to our females and done by another guy so you are not a maniac just normal for future reference it is your right to be in there holding your wives hand if you wish and you cant tell the nurse to take a hike so there is just you the doctor and your wife, nurses don't like hubbys to be there so they try and squeeze them out so stand your ground and be there with her and enjoy what the doctor is doing to her without a screen between you and him, good look

total natural. love the story

her is lucky man add me please

I do not think this was so bad and it did not have to do with sex. It is natural that a doctor does this examination to find the position of the cysts. I believe she was operated later to take them away. My first wife made this operation. You were definitely not a sadist since this was necessary medical treatment for your wife’s health. It is a big difference if the hand belongs to a professional like the doctor or a horny guy. If a horny guy did the same examination like putting his fingers in your wife’s ***** it is really natural for you to be hard.

thank you for your comment which is quite realistic