Watching Each Other **********

My wife and I enjoy watching each other. Early on I showed her some **** and it got us both really hot. Ever since we often watch **** together and touch each other while we are doing it. We sit side by side in the bed and touch each other off while watching ****. We bring each other right to the point of coming. Then we stop. Then we start again. No matter what our foreplay is always mutual ************. Its really fun and I recommend it to being in tune with what makes each other hot. Check out our profile for more about us.
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Yes I agree whole Heartedly!

My wife and I have taken to watching each other **********. We share a Hitachi wand that makes me *** on like Seabiscuit. I love to watch my wife ride the wand and hear that little gasp each time she ****. I always tell her when I'm about to *** so she can watch or suck me dry.

My wife and I love to watch each other **********. I told her that i'd love to watch her play with herself, but she was reluctant at first so I offered to ********** for her and she enjoyed watching me. Then she started to play with herself and the rest is history. She likes me to get between her legs while she masturbates so that I can get a real good view. She will use her fingers and toys now...very sexy.....of course i'm ************ with her and we are watching each other. Alot of fun.

The hardest part is asking the first question. You'll be surprised at the answer. I have never had a refusal and I have asked lots of women. Just ask a simple, non-threatening question and have a chat about it. As to what you'd do, you'll probably find mutual easier at first. Later, either of you can watch first, *** later! Variety and fun, that's all it is!

I would LOVE it if my wife and I could do this, but I don't know how to bring it up to her. We have talked about ************, and both of us do it -- primarily when we are horny and don't have access to each other (business trips, etc.). But we have never done it in front of each other. I have told her that the thought of her touching herself gets me hot, but I have never asked her to let me watch. And, I want to do it in front of her as well, but she has never made a comment as to whether or not she wants to watch me. If she ever does let me watch, but she doesn't want to watch me at the same time, what do I do while she is doing it? Do I just sit there with my arms crossed and watch her? How do I get this going in our marriage?

Well she Knows you jerk so when she undresses pull out your **** and start to stroke it and tell her she is turning you on and then ask her if she would not mind if you finished stroking to completion in front of her! See if that will open the door!