F/m Spanking

 My wife takes me bare assed across her knee whenever she thinks I need a spanking. When making love if I'm spent and can't go again but she still wants more quite by accident found out if she puts me over her knee she can spank me hard again. Afterwards she rolls over and has me pay homage to her hiney, by kissing and licking it, then I have to thank her for making love and giving me a bare bottomed spanking.

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Using an oak fraternity paddle L administered forty
horrendous whacks to the backs of my thighs. When disciplining me , she usually aims primarily for the sit spot of my bare butt. But she was livid with anger, and was swinging that paddle, aiming for my most sensitive parts. She was using a two handed grip, to make each splat of the paddle , excruciatingly painful. Unbeknownst to me she over heard me talking on the phone to a friend about getting in nine holes of golf in the early afternoon. And I like an idiot said the following:........ “ I’ll try to make it, but my wife’s monthly friend is visiting and she is really bitchy as always.” !!!!............When I hung up I turned around and saw that she was holding the ¾ inch thick paddle, and slapping it against her hand. She uttered with a smile of contempt: “I’m going to bring a new meaning to the word bitchy, and also to the words, severe paddling”

It's summer now and my wife likes to use her hard rubber "Columbia" sandals to blister my bottom at the slightest provocation. We usually stop for a picnic when driving to the lake. We usually pick a spot where it's very private, so we can see approaching people and vehicles from at least 150 yards. There is a tree stump about 20 " in diameter. and many times over the years, Linda has placed a blanket over the stump and motioned for me to lie over the stump exposing my nude bottom. Linda then straddles me and casually slips off one of her hard rubber sandals. This is usually a heavy duty punishment spanking. I am yelping and pleading for mercy but the area is so secluded it doesn't do any good . Usually it's for spending too much money on a golf club or gambling. Linda is usually very angry and aims for the upper part of my legs. Theses spanking are excruciatingly painful because I've overspent several times. I get a weekly allowance which is more than enough for me and my golfing and hobbies and usually I'm supposed to kick in for dinners. If I don't have enough money to kick in ,,,,,,,,,,say at a restaurant meal , I am given that daggered look , indicating that my bottom will be severely scorched at the first opportunity. Linda once confessed to me that when she uses that look, she loves the way my face turns pallid, after she does it. There is no upside for me here because usually a punishment spanking means no sex afterwards sometimes, for at least a week. After wards Linda seems so relaxed in our long drive, Sometimes she naps or she'll read her nook or just enjoy watching me squirm uncomfortably while sitting on my throbbing bottom. If we are at a BQ party and she is unhappy with me, she sits and exaggeratingly crosses her legs flipping her sandals and giving me that famous look of hers. There's a 50/50 chance that my bottom will be throbbing later at home.

my wife likes to spank my bare *** all the time when naughty

Haven't been spanked by my wife, and I really don't think I'll be asking for that!

When will men learn that they are here to serve women. You aren't done until she says you are done. She isn't done until you have satisfied her.

I gave my wife a hard time when we were shopping. She was going to spank me but she didn't have time So she decided to have me write lines while she attended a bridal shower. I had to write the following sentence 100 times. It took all day to finish them "Being snarky, and complaining when shopping with Linda is impolite and annoying. My failure to appreciate this has lead me to spending this Saturday in detention ,rather than enjoying myself. I must learn to be more tolerant , respectful and cooperative when shopping with her in the future.lease reply with authenticity, support, and respect"


Lucky, lucky man!! Get spanked by your wife AND get to lick her ***! Swap places with you?

Lucky, lucky man!! Get spanked by your wife AND get to lick her ***! Swap places with you?

I like a bare bottom spanking by a woman!