She Gets Me

I realised something just a few minutes ago, that not everyone gets who you are, you can spend months and years with some people, and they still never get who you are, I so hope that our daughters did, but I don’t know now

I am not perfect and I have made mistakes, and this BD has changed me in ways that I still don’t fully understand, I have pushed people away and become distant from others, and lost interest in many things, but deep down my heart is still the same as it has always been

 just reminded me of that, she has only known me for a couple of months, and she has seen me at my worst, she has seen me battle this BD, she has seen what it has done to me, and she knows what I have done to try and cope with it, but somehow she knows my heart and she has stuck by me, she gets who I am, even with all the $hit that is happening she still sees who I really am

I just hope that I have not hurt my relationship with our daughters because of this BD, I pray that they know me enough

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Oct 27, 2012