Changing Cloths Outdoors

I was 17, my class was having a cyclethon. Have way, my nose started to bleed I cleaned it on my shirt. Then, i realized that if my friends see my cloths with blood they are going to think I'm weak. later, my boyfriend Xaiver came and asked me what happened, so I told him what happened. He offered me his shirt but there was no washroom so I just change like that. I took out my shirt, then one guy snached both shirts. `Come and see the half naked girl` everybody who passby, took photos. Xaiver even ******** my bra, skirt, panties. The two guys went to throw my shirt & skirt. When I reached the finshing line, every single guy pull up my skirt and showed everyone my vagina. 2 guys pinned me on the table and ******** me naked. the teacher didn't care, he pulled his pants and inserted his **** in my vagina, next it was my boyfriend (and so on).
from that day onwards, guys sex with me in class randomly (even the teachers)
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Seems far fetched, but could be true .