More ******* Please.

This world we live in can get so ugly. The planet its self is amazing it gives us life and all we need to survive,except for one thing it would be heaven. That 1 thing? Well its people the ones that are to stupid to have fun. These people are the ones who turn ******* into somethig ugly. These uptight individuals make rules so now if a lady or a guy feels like letting their bodies go natural as it was at birth, they are what the up tight ones call a sexual deviant they will take your life from you.they put you in jail and then they start to get ugly, a long process in the american justice system where they extort large quantities of what you spent a life time of hard work to acquire, wait a minute, did I say extort? I better get my dictionary that can't be right. Here it is amazing(extort) to wrench out, to obtain by force. That can't be right can it are there not laws to protect us from those that would extort from us what we worked so hard for? Thats what this justice system is all about, its how much milk they can get. So now you have to pay these extortioners what they call bail, they make these cute little names up because extortion is such an ugly word.then legal fees, fines,restitution, supervisory fees,& on& on & on. So now your broke your categorized as the scum of the earth because your now a registered sex offender. Could I talk any of you pretty ladies into flashing me?
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I would flash you but them you'd have to suck me!

Oh, alright, I guess I could do that. Not because I would eat a mile of barbedwire for qn hour alone with your *******, but because I'm a nice guy.

There is definitely something wrong with that picture!Maybe the law or government want everyone to be a bunch of fruitcakes?!?!To HELL WITH THEM!!!

Oh ya, I'll see all of em there. Maybe I'll be in charge of the rule book in hell, imagine the fun I could have making their lifes miserable, all that brings them happiness could be heavily regulated, with fines for infractions and jail time & loss of privileges for breaking the rules.
Maybe outlaw ties, reward flashers with good citizenship awards. As for their control freak, closet pervered, little fatboy molesting **** *****, well their not going to enjoy hell.

love seeing my wife show cleavage..

& what man wouldn't steal a peak?

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you've had some experience with this.... ?

Actually they were doing the noon news one of the reports was of a man at a public camp ground into the uintah mountains who has a problem using the type of restroom made available took the picnic bunch so he did what all men have done, including Im sure the hypocrites that arrested him and charged him as a sex offender because a child happened to walk in an area where he seen the man seeing. The kid mentioned its to his parents they blew it out of proportion. It was a natural act the man had no thoughts of sexual perversions he was just ******* behind a tree. The reporter went on to say if this man is found guilty the courts could make him register as a sex offender. I had enough of that **** when those Nazi M.Fer's passed a rule giving them the authority to issue citations to kids dragging state street. That's part of lifes experience what teen hasn't been on state it's a blast. These are two of countless laws that are designed for two reasons,control & gov. funding. Whats it going to take for people to say that's enough why can't you see that something Is wrong when the people you elect to represent your intetest pass 300 new laws behind closed doors? Doesn't anyone out there want the right to pursue happiness? What the **** are people going to do when they wake up in jail for fishing with an unregistered fishing pole. You can plead ignorance but that's not a legal excuse, how can we not be ignorant who can keep tabs when your state passes 300 laws a year? Add the fact that it was done behind closed doors. Now what the hell are these public serpents doing that makes them need the doors closed as they make the rules that effect our lives? Come on people every one get on the phone demand a meeting with your law makers,senators mayors,governors, go to the city meetings. Stand up for your rights stop these ******** don't leave this **** in the other guys hands. Your going to **** around untill your infront of a judge for ******* around. I just don't know what i can say that will open your eyes.

I am all man no mam here!

Maybe your lucky you can't see their faces, let alone their boobies. As for you being considered a ****, its jealousy mostly, you can find a willing ÔéČuck they can't. And hey I would have what you call a **** for a friend any day. These ladies are an asset to any community. I could be some pathetic virgin with out their services. I would bet rape incidents are lower in their neighborhood. Call them what you please but I am honored when I'm offered friendship or sex by these ladies. What does a frigid hag offer their community? You dress however you want lips & if you see me stairing its only cause you look so hot.

Hey , are you mam or man whatever I kinda like you. Im just a good ol girl that would like to converse with you a bit