The Bigger The Better ...

I love tube tops, they are so accommodating when I crave a *** to suck on. All I have to do is visit the washroom, push that top down and lift my breast to my waiting lips and tongue ... my sucking and licking makes my whole body quiver with longing and soon my hand is inside my skirt and I my legs buckle as I ***.
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7 Responses Jan 11, 2013

:-) Another benefit with tube tops is that they usually aren't worn with bras. ;-)

I love it. A Lady who knows how to enjoy life.

Im always here if you need help :-)

Ohh you needn't suck them yourself , please call me to do the duty.
It's not only free service , in addition you get a nice choco-bar to lick n suck.I believe you have had a view of that !
Thank you for sharing this story.Please share more.xx

I can suck my own n1ps, too. But it feels better when a man does it.

Very hot!!!!

That is soooooooo ****** hot!!!!!!