Prague To Brussels

There's something romantic and exciting about travelling overnight on a train.  I've done it a few times in parts of Europe. 

In 1994 I took a train from Prague to Brussels (where I was living at the time) with my daughter who was then just six months old.  The train left Prague in the evening and arrived in Nuremburg in Southern Germany much later that night.  I shared a carriage with a young woman from Prague called Monika who worked at one of the national museums in Munich and we chatted on the journey.  She had no English and my Czech was non-existent.  My German was just about enough to get us through the trip and we could understand enough to make friends and exchange addresses.  We did correspond for a while afterwards using my broken German and the judicious use of a dictionary and phrase book! 

Monika left us at Nuremburg and our connecting train from Nuremburg to Brussels left in the early hours.  I went to the enquiry desk at the station to find out where we could wait for the train.  I was taken into the bowels of the station by a very kind assistant (I had my daughter in a push-chair) and was left in the safe hands of the German equivalent of the Salvation Army who had a huge network of offices and rooms under the station.  I was given hot chocolate and magazines to look at and I spent a pleasant enough hour or two waiting for our train in a warm room decorated with a huge Christmas tree (it was at New Year). 

At the appointed time I was taken back up to the platform to take our train and we found our sleeping compartment.  I remember my daughter cried and complained for a good while when the train finally started on its way, but we were both soon soothed off to sleep with the soothing rock and roll of the train and the sound of the tracks flying under the wheels. 

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I think it would be a mixture of fantastic scenery and the life people lead too of course ... I guess there would be some scenes that would be disturbing.

It is not the train trip itself that would bother me, It is what I would see outside.

The railway system in India is actually really civilized mewold. The system was built by the British - the kings of the railway - and runs very well I understand.

I don't think I would like a trip thru India any better than a trip thru Haiti.

Wow - sounds amazing dex. Don't think I'll be taking that trip any time soon though!! I have to say that the Trans-Siberian express always appealed to me ... will have to do that one day. A train trip through India also appeals.

Oh, so jealous, WIB! Katanning to Perth doesn't sound anywhere near so romantic as Prague to Brussels. <br />
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One of the great train trips available in Australia is the Indian Pacific, which takes three days and nights to cross the continent, including over the treeless Nullarbor Plain. You look outside at sunset and nine tenths of what you can see is sky, and the next morning you still have the same basic view.<br />
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The only problem with this trip is its cost -about five times as much as an airfare!

yes it's a great way to travel michelle.

Thanks for the comment mewold. I've taken other trips where, like you, I've preferred to look out of the window. I've taken journeys through Scandinavia, France and Italy like this. There's something very peaceful, yet thrilling still about being on the train at night. I love when the train stops in a station when its dead quiet in the middle of the night, somewhere very remote ... really mysterious and I love trying to work out where I am at any given time.

I love to ride trains. And overnight trips are wonderful. But I don't sleep. I love to look out a darkened window at night and watch the landscape flow by in the soft light of the moon and stars. I see things in such a relaxed form that it brings a pease to my soul that I can't express.