San Antonio, Texas To St. Louis Missouri

I went from San Antonio, Texas to St. Louis, Missouri aboard Amtrak's Texas Eagle.  What a great way to travel.  My hotel room was travelling across the United States and the view from my window changed constantly.  One of the highlights was when the train parked on top of Dealey Plaza, the site of John Kennedy's assassination, just up the grassy knoll from where the fatal shot took place.

When I wasn't enjoying the history and scenery the train itself offered great entertainment.  It contained a rolling bar and restaurant.  I liked hanging out in the communal areas and then retreating to my room.  The room had two comfortable reclining seats on either side of a big picture window. At night, the seats convert to a comfortable bed, and an upper berth folded down from above.  The gentle rocking and white noise facilitated a great night’s sleep and in the morning I was in St. Louis

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2010

My hubby would especially enjoy this adventure, trains are so romantic too

Sound like a great trip glad you can do it and enjoy it. God Bless goahead