An Adventure


There's nothing more romantic than travelling overnight by train

Travelling from Sydney to Melbourne in days long gone, we boarded the "Southern Aurora" a sleek stainless steel train at Central Station in Sydney.The  train was made up of sleeper cabins for one or two plus club and dining cars. As there were 4 of  us, Mum and I shared one roomette while my father and younger brother shared an adjacent roomette.

I was so excited because trains had long held a fascination for me. We had to retire not long after the train departed, the beds folding down bunk style over the seats.

I had the top bunk and spent quite a long time gazing out of the window as we sped along through the night until finally the rhythym of the train lulled me off to sleep.

We were woken early the next morning to get up and ready for breakfast in the dining car. That done we headed back to our rooms to continue the trip arriving at Melbourne's Spencer St station our journey's destination.

Sadly, these trains no longer exist,  their replacements certainly no where near as comfortable or romantic as the trains of yesterday.

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Mar 17, 2010