Mothers Day Stuffing.

Today is mothers day and my dad doesn't have to work till night so he cooked up a huge gourmet lunch for me and my mom. It was a five course meal. I ate at least three servings of every course. He made a lot so there is a ton of left overs that I am shoveling into my mouth right now. My shirt which was pretty tight earlier has ripped now. My belly is so tight but I'm only half way through. Can't wait to see my belly when I am done. So much good food and of course its high quality and high calorie and since all I'm doing is sitting and eating all of it is turning into precious fat.
Chubbygirl4 Chubbygirl4
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6 Responses May 13, 2012

That sounds fantastic , bet you looked and felt superb when you'd finished all that lovely food

That's amazing! You and your mom is so lucky!

Keep chowing down, fatty!

I bet you like getting fat?

Ohhhhh you better believe it , I rapidly coming to the conclusion that I can never be too fat !!

I did the same I can't stop eating they keep bringing me plate after plate it's soooo good(:

Then keep on eating!

I'm the same way Foooooddd! :)

And that fat is just so beautiful and sexy. I'm glad you feel the way you do.