Doctor Stuffing

I had a real doctors appointment today for the first time in a year and a half. I made sure to stuff myself a lot this week so that I would be extra fat. I got a large panera mac and cheese two times every day and I ate a whole pizza by myself every day. I also made chicken and bacon alfredo and ate 6 honey buns. At midnight every night I went to mcdonalds and ordered 2 big macs with large fries. One hour before my doctors appointment i put on pants that were a size too small and ate 10 brownies. I got to the office early and I bloated myself with coke and mentos. I could feel my pants getting tighter. I went to check in and when I went to sit down it was hard to fit in the chair. When I had to get up my bum got stuck and i had to slide out of the chair. The nurse weighed me and my belly hit the bar on the scale in front of me so i had to turn around. i stepped off and I was so happy when I saw the scale read 270! I was 147 just a few weeks ago. I guess all that stuffing paid off. The tie for the robe did not fit my waist so i had to tie two together and when i sat it was still tight. My body was wider than the table. The doctor came in and was "concerned" that I had gained over 40 lbs in a year. She lifted my robe and used a caliber to measure my belly fat. It barely fit. She grabbed the fat and said I needed to lose it. I just smiled and said Ok. I am so happy!
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5 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Hehehe best idea i hear :)

Why did you start to gain?

What a wonderful experience!

holy fatness little girl! hehe, soo cute! Im impressed with your wonderful recounting of the tale! :)

120 pounds in a few weeks? highly unlikely.

Since she said she gained 40 pounds in a year, I think it was probably just a typo and she meant "247" (a 23 pound gain)

makes more since

Yes it does! Wish I was 270!