From Skinny Chick To Jiggly Chick

As you know from another story I took a challenge. I went from a 6 pack to a rounded tummy. I used to do running upstairs for exercise. Now its a struggle. I used to be a size 10. I am 20. My pants are all very restricting and give overhang. I love the feeling of stroking my belly. dancing is out of the question. It was to hard. my belly used to not exist. Its now highly noticable. I have to suck it in around my parents. and everyone, I weighed myself and im officially overweight.
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3 Responses Dec 28, 2012

Size 20 is awesome!

Its great when a grils belly hangs over her trousres. =) Great hearing you're finally over weight, and all the more beautiful for it.. =D Its a shame you don't dance any more, I'm sure your soft belly would be mesmerising as it bounced and wobbled. =D

Congrats! Soon you'll be obese like me!

Ok. Well how about I be obese for the both of us then?