I'm An Owl Citizen!

if you love Owl City then your an Owl Citizen :) I'm a little new to Owl City, but i am so glad i found out about it. i never had a favorite band before, i always just liked some songs here and there but never actually liked a particular band until now. the song that made me a fan was To The Sky actually, i first heard Fireflies but didn't actually look any further into who it was that sang it until i heard To The Sky. once i heard that though i knew i would love this band (well music project, cause its really just one person but i just call it a band cause its easier)

i haven't heard a song yet that i disliked :) well there are a few that i may not like as much as others, but i still enjoy them as well. but if you asked me what song was my favorite i wouldn't be able to pick cause i love them all! but i guess my top picks would be: Strawberry Avalanche, Alligator Sky, Galaxies, Umbrella Beach, The Real World, and the one that always cheers me up, Plant Life. recently i have been listening to Owl City so much i always have a song or a part of a song in my head, right now i have the song The Real World stuck in my head.  love the way the lyrics seem to paint such amazing and vivid pictures in your head, it allows you imagination to just take you away. whenever i am feeling depressed i listen to Owl City and it always cheers me up.

and its not just his amazing music that i really like, but its also his personality as well. he just seems like such a genuine person, he Isn't stuck up like some famous people are, he doesn't let fame or criticism change who he is, and i like that about him. by the way i am not saying that most famous people are stuck up, but there are some that are, Adam Young however isn't one of them. i would love to see him at a concert but i will probably have to wait til his next tour cause i missed the one here in Chicago recently :( i actually wasn't aware of him being here in Chicago until weeks after the concert. one day though i would like to go, actually i would like to meet him one day too, but i know thats unlikely lol. he just really inspires me, especially since we both have the same beliefs. his songs have definitely helped me a lot and cheered me up on days when i have been down. so yeah thats my very rambly post here lol, sorry if it was too rambly but i get like that when talking about something i am interested in or like :)
SummerDragonfly SummerDragonfly
18-21, F
Sep 4, 2011