Owls <3

I have a slight obsession with owls. I can't get enough of them. My background on my computer is an owl, my profile picture on this site is an owl, I really want a tattoo of an owl! I don't really remember when it started.

I think it may have been one day in my Critical Thinking class when my teacher showed us a YouTube video of an owl and she started telling us facts about it. I don't really remember why we were watching it, but she told us she loved owls and she kept showing us videos. I realized how cute this owl was and went home and started looking up more videos. I'm pretty sure that's when my obsession started.

I doodle them in the pages of my notes on all my college papers. I'm sure my professor's love that. I just can't get those cute birds out of my head!

Well... I guess that's it for now on my little blurb on... loving owls.
ComatoseCricket ComatoseCricket
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

I love owls Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, I never would have guessed by your username or pic. XD