If You Think You Know It All About Owls

Have I got a story for you!

The book is Wesley the Owl, The remarkable love story of an owl and his girl.

I collected owls for many years, more than 100 of one kind or another.  The collection dwindled but my curiosity persisted.  In recent years eating regularly and acquiring friends at a diner called the Green Owl helped me over come my grief when I lost a wonderful dog named Moon Shadow.

On a recent trip to the library I noticed this book and thought, "this must be wierd" but checked it out anyway.  Wesley is a Barn Owl and they differ from the other owls.  Wesley was injured and adopted by a biologist working at Caltech.  The owl could not be returned to the wild due to his injury but he provided a wonderful study of Barn Owls and initiated a nineteen year friendship with Stacey O'Brien. 

If you like animals it's a great story.

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Feb 20, 2009