Because the English Language Is Colorfully Bland ...

oxymoron [oksi‐mor‐on] (plural ‐mora), a figure of speech that combines two usually contradictory terms in a compressed paradox, as in the word bittersweet or the phrase living death.

Here are a few favorites ... what are yours?

"Alone together"

"Jumbo shrimp" (thx, VB)

"White Chocolate" (thx DL)

"Government intelligence" (thx GWB, and many, many others, too numerous to list!)

"Microsoft Works" (thx BG)

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Nice ... that's a good one, UC ... and thanks for the pic, BF!

db: I had this toon in file which I have used on other occassions. I hope you like it for a logo pic for here. <br />

Oh yeah ... "predictably random" ... almost forgot!

Too funny, RG ... of course you can join with that kind of a neatly-typed blank page!

I thought the definition might be in order ... in case anyone thought that an oxymoron was an Oxy-moron (a mentally deficient individual with an acne problem). C'mon. SW, we can always count on you for a bit 'o "lighthearted sarcasm" (does that qualify? Let's go to the judges ....)<br />
And you're very welcome Mo2 ... it's always an honor to receive a visit from one of EP's most prolific and entertaining commentators ... so thank YOU!

Yes, I suppose technically it should be ... but morons sounds funnier, and I thought it might get more people's attention!

(thx RC)

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