Summer Holiday At My Aunt....back In Diapers..

Hi.I was 14 when it all starts.....I was going to spend all holiday at my aunts house and with her son(my brother Nick)..i packed my stufs and went there....First day it was ok...we were playing games,playing in a pool...when the night come we went to the citchen to eat and we ate some cake and went to the room.....I knew that my brother is drinking milk on bottle in the morning and evening because he was at me few times and my mother was preparing him his bottle....i was having shover when my aunt came in and said that after shower i put my pajamas and go to the room and drink milk....i thought that i am going to drink milk from a cup...when i came into the room i saw two baby bottles with big nipple on them....i lay on bed and watch tv while my brother was playng games and aunt came in and said its time for brother lie down beside me and she puts him bottle in his mouth..he started to suck..she take second bottle and told me to opened mouth i said i dont want to suck on baby bottle,she said come on, he is sucking too and he will be ashemed if you dont suck too....i said ok but only us to know about that and no one else...she said afcorse....i opened my mouth and a big nipple came into my mouth....she was holding bottle about 1 minute while i was sucking and than i took it and continiued to was nice feeling....but when i see bottle i imagine breats...and i get erect....i finished my bottle and put on table and fell the morning when i woke up i was having pacy in my mouth....and id didnt care i started to suck borther was having it too....aunt came in the room with two bottles full of warm milk and gave us to suck....i started to suck and she asked me is ba ba ok? i said yes it is..we finished bottles and i dress up and go aunt called me to tell me something..i said yes aunt? and she said to me "Nick is wearing diapers,and he is ashamed to wear it because off you,please when i change him i change and you too"....i said its supied but ok if they dont tell anyone....she sad was afternoon and aunt said to go to have a bath....i was finishing my bath and aunt came in and saw me nacked and take a towel and started to wipe me...i blushed and she said dont be ashamed i wipe nick too....i went to the room and saw diapers and panties,onesie on winnie pooh,bottles,pacies,bibs,baby food, brother was layng nacked on bed waithin my aunt to change him......i lie down next to him nacked too....and she was telling my big boys.she put pacy in my mouth and changed him.and now was my turn,she took some baby oil and put on my but and private space and i got blushed again and she touch my **** and i get erect and get more blushed....and she said it normal..and put diaper on me and onesie on me...and i lie on my pillow and started to suck the morning i woke up and started to play some games on computer and aunt came in with some baby food and said to me she must chek my diaper i said that ok i didnt wet and she put her finger under my diaper and said bother was sleaping and she said to follow her to the cithcen....when i came into the cithceh i saw a big high chair on wiinie pooh characters....and she said to sit on that chair....i said do i have to do that and she said yes because Nick is going to wake up now and he has to see me in that....i sat and she put me a big bib and started to feed me with spoon and bottle...i was finishing and i left some milk in bottle and i started to suck by mi self and she took my bottle and hold it about 5 minutes until i finished.....i have to pis i told her and she tell me that i can **** in my diaper...i said i dont want that and she take my diaper off and i went to the toilet...when i got back she put diaper on me and onesie and i went to the was late inthe evening and i was sucking bottle but nick was on emoment aunt came and said Nick to come in her room...and she said to me to suck my ba ba i said ok....3 minutes after they went in other room i put my obttle on table and put pacy in my mouth and i asked my self what are they doing there?....i was carefull and i came clouser to the room and troug the window i saw my brother sucking my aunts breasts...she had big breasts with a big nipple...a returned to my room and continiued to suck my bottle...after few minutes Nick camed into the room and told me to go in aunts room...i sayd why?.and he answerd that she said that...i stood up and go into that room with my bottle in my mouth and she said come here...i come than she said lay in my lap i said why aunt?..she said to feed me with bottle..i said its ok i can do it by my self....and she took my hand and i lie down me in her lap....she was holding my bottle full of milk and i was sucking...she take out bottle from my mouth and take her shirt off and i was in front of her big ****......i blushed..she said suck that moment i didnt know what to do...and she took her *** in her hand and said open mouth i opened and she put a big nipple in my mouth and i started to suck.....she asked me is it nice?..i said mhm while i was sucking her ****...i asked my self how she had milk...later i found some pilss for that.....she take out her **** from my mouth and put my bottle in....and i suck bottle 10 min and i was sleaping...she put my pacy in my mouth and put me in bed.......i was at her to the end of summer and every day i was her little baby......
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if i was kind to you and went with summer vacation with to your aunts house and i am about to turn 1 would aunt still have babyed me anyway

how old was your brother?

he was 11

did you like it?