I've Never Tried It,

But sometimes before I go to sleep I feel like there is something missing.
I was thinking about buying one and give it a try, but I'm too afraid of what people at the store might think about me..

I guess like for most of the people it makes me feel safe and protected, for me it is also a bit sexy:)
LittlePinkGirl LittlePinkGirl
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Send me your address in pm and I'll send you one. :)

Hey daddy has something you can suck on all night long. can I be your pacifier.

Ohh that turned me on so much:)

Then i guess i can have you turned on all night long baby

Hi. You have the right age, don`t be afraid to buy one. You could be a mother, the pacifier could be for your child, toddler, so why be afraid?

Some time has passed, since you wrote about it. Did you get over the inhibitions and got one yourself?

It can take time, don`t worry, if not done yet. I took some time as well for my first buy. Don`t give up to dream about that something missing going to sleep. Good Luck.

Thank you! I'm still wondering about it.. Haven't tried it yet.

Time has passed. I am wondering if you have tried it by now? There is nothing wrong to use one.

Hi it is me again. You still wondering or did you do it?

If you're really freaked out, buy one out of town. No one knows you. I use to work in a store, and there's so many people I only see once, I'd be luck to know I saw them a second time, unless I see them every few days.<br />
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Like the others said, you don't have to say. I bought baby wipes once when I was 12. I've never been directly asked, but once in a while it comes up in small talk, killing time while your order is taken care of. There's a million cover stories for any situation. Humm, at 12, I'd be running an errand (having a few people in mind).<br />
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There's always ebay, right? or a fist full of discreet shops online.

they have no clue why you are buying it or just do self check out! i did it a few times and i LOVE my incky now! it makes me feel safe and i sleep soooo much better with it! give it a try :)

LittlePinkGirl, it is certainly NOT a crime. You are old enough to have children or you could be buying it for someone else. It is a substitute for me. Gives me a lot of comfort and pleasure. My wife does not understand or help out, but she tolerates it to some extend.<br />
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Please keep us posted.<br />
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Enjoy life!