My Dummy

ever since my late teens ive been suckin dummys...ive tried every type ive settled for avent or mam an just recently nuk 4.i use them mainly at nite as they settle me to sleeps one to suck an one to hold....weres the harm well there is if ur a dummy fan no worries keep suckin...x
pinkybun82 pinkybun82
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

I use NUK pacifiers for many years. Lately I tried the MAM 3 size as well, feels ok. You get so used too it over the years, if the paci not in your mouth you missing something. That nice , calming feeling of the pacifier.

I use a nuk size 4 or advent, when I sleep or when I'm playing video games, feels nice and helps me relax.