My Binky At Home

I use a binky to sleep every night. I went without it 1 night and woke up with a really dry throat.  My throat hurt so bad that drinking water didn't even help.  I recently went home to my parents house for my moms birthday.  I saw a binky I used at my mom and dads old house in my room they picked for me.  Before I left back for my apt. that weekend my mom asked me if I had my binky.  I told her that I had 4 of them in my apt. and for her to keep the 1 that was in my room there for when I spend the night over at their house.  My dad came down and heard my mom ask me if I had my binky while he stood right next to her.  I was kind of freaking out to know that my dad now knows this.  Both of them seem to be fine with it.  I was kind of shocked!  My dad had asked me if I saw the binky in my new room.  I told him that I did.  I told both of them that had had 4 of them in my apt. and to keep the one at their house there for when I spend the night.  This is how I know my parents know are ok with me using my binky at night.  My mom just recently asked how I felt about the MAM air binkies.  I told her that I sleep better with the ones that cover my mouth.  She was understanding about this.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

MAN pacifiers, the ones who cover the mouth you get the day one and the night pacifier. Which one are you using or do you use both? I do use the night MAM pacifier, because I get them in latex, what I prefere. What about you?