I Suck a Pacifier

Although I'm not an AB/DL, I don't do the whole diaper thing. I'm 15, I'm a young man, but I suck on a pacifier. I have since I was 9. I quit when I was 5, then picked it up again when I was 9. I have sucked a pacifier ever since. I love my pacifier.

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i wish i could get a Nuk5....i cant get things off the net b/c i dont have a card :( id have to find a retail store who sells it. in my city thats a HOPELESS venture. right now im using standard silicone baby binkies. i love to have one my size...

Well they came today and they are great can't wait to have a bottle of mike tonight. Then after that put my pacifier in my mouth and go to sleep.

Well pacifiergirl inspired me to buy more so I did I have just bought five NUK 5s and a Nuk bottle can't wait for them to arrive.

I have a nuk 5 and love it I would not be able to give them up now. After reading pacifiergirls post I think I am going to buy more.

I have several nuk size 5 and calm me down when i use them.

i use one when i am stressed or need comfort. i also smoke and drink....pacifiers are like my guilty pleasure ;)

Oh wow and I thought I was hooked on pacifiers I just love to have one in my mouth just about all the time but you are more hooked than i am.

Fair play ENJOY

I am a 22 year old girl and I have a sizable collection of pacifiers. I've bought all kinds of brands. I currently have:

2 Nuk 3's - The classic. A Nuk 3 comfortably fits in an adult's mouth. They are extremely soothing, and they don't fall out easily in the sleep. The nipple part is quite a bit larger than any other pacifier you can find at a store.

2 Avent 18months+ - Very cute pacifiers, they are 100% clear, but the button part on the front is clear blue. I have the biggest ones, and they are silicone. They are nice.

2 Fisher Price cheap ones (silicone) - I was a bit surprised when I first squeezed the nipple part, because instead of smushing down easily, it didn't give a whole lot at all, due to the fact that air doesn't escape the nipple. I can't find a photo of these; they are not a very popular brand. They have the same shield style as the Nuks, except they are translucent.

2 Pooh silicone ones - just silicone ones from the dollar store. Small, but soothing.

2 MaM Crystal (the biggest ones) - These silicone pacis are very, very comfortable, and fit in the mouth very well. The only thing I don't like about them is the fact that MaM has changed the silicone part by making it "Ultra Soft Silicone," so instead of being smooth and slippery, it's got somewhat of a grip on it. But, since they're such good pacifiers, I can easily overlook this. They fit well to the mouth. The photo is of the original ones, before they modified the nipple part, but they still look like this, with the exceptions being that a lot of them nowadays have designs on the button.

2 Pink Soothie brand pacifiers, in which I mostly just chew on. They don't comfortably sit in the mouth, and I didn't realize it but I bought the one for older babies / toddlers, which is the same size, but it's a lot more dense. The nipple part is shaped simply like a classic baby bottle nipple. They can very easily fall out of the mouth even while awake unless you are actively biting or sucking on it. They also push out on the front teeth kinda hard...they're really not orthodontic, or comfortable at all - However, even through all this, I still like mine, because sometimes I need something to chew on when stressed, and they are extremely durable, and you can stick 'em on top of a pen or pencil and chew / suck on them while doing work. Also, they're cute.

2 Dr. Brown's silicone pacifiers (the biggest ones - I reccomend these, they're very comfortable and fit in the mouth well - also they don't fall out easily while sleeping). These are very, very soothing, and it's the biggest silicone orthodontic pacifier that I've found so far, with the only competitor being the MaM crystal. Nuk doesn't make size 3 in silicone except for the Nuk Genius, which I haven't tried yet - However, the Dr. Brown's Pacifiers do come in size 3 silicone, so they fit comfortably in an adult's mouth. Also, they are very thin from the top to the bottom, so they're much more teeth-friendly (I.E., they won't push out on your teeth very much), in fact, they are probably better for your teeth than any other pacifier I've tried so far. The only photo I could find is of a smaller size, and the photo itself is small.

And one of my best investments, I have a Natursutten Rounded 12months+ pacifier. This is one of the most soothing pacifiers I've had so far. I just got it today, and so far it is my favorite one. Its very soothing, and has a very big nipple part, which fits an adult mouth better than most pacifiers. It's bendy, and the air does not squeeze out of it. It's cushiony, not collapsible. I strongly recommend this to anyone who enjoys using pacifiers. I also particularly like how it looks. Also, another really great thing about these pacifiers is that they are 100% natural - the rubber that they are made out of is natural rubber from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis.

And finally, I'm awaiting in the mail an adult pacifier known as the Nuk Medic Pro, or Nuk 5. I got a modified one, where they took the Nuk 5 nipple and attatched it to a MaM Crystal shield (it's gonna be a blue one with a glow in the dark moon and star on the button) That's what the originals look like.

I absolutely LOVE pacifiers. I am somewhat dependent on them. I sleep with them every night, and use them pretty much the whole time I am at home, or driving. It's not only extremely soothing to me, but I enjoy the way the smooth silicone, latex, or natural rubber (depending on the paci) feels. Plus, if I'm stressing out, I enjoy having something rubbery and durable to chew on, something that won't hurt my teeth. I think another reason why I am dependent on them is because they give me a sense of security that takes me back to my babyhood, and it decreases my stress levels.

I hope this info is useful or interesting - Go Pacifier Users! :-D

Adult pacifier users unite! :D

I love mine too. It helps me to fall asleep and stay asleep.