Never Ending Game

I once played it for 20 hours! uninterrupted!!! I was so dizzy I had to stop.

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6 Responses Mar 8, 2009

@ flourlady: me too, but now I rather surf on EP, thank you for you comment<br />
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@ Arthurca: Pac man was a really nice game. Thank you for sharing

i used to play alot when i was younger!

Such good memories, I feel old!

me too , me too !! when I was a school boy I discovered how to find metal discs that were the same size as coins for the games.... Asteroids, Defender and Pacman....... all those lost weekends........ love it

Yeap, it was something else, thanks for your comment

omg! this is my all time favorite game too..every time some one brings it up. I know exactly their around my age..