Dodging Addiction: Life, Love, And Drugs

Ive used drugs (mostly prescription) since my early teens. For over a decade, Ive used narcotic pain killers, and somehow have managed to stay just out of the reach of full blown addiction. There has been dry spells that can last for months, and binges that can last just as long. "Recreational" drug use defies explanation to someone who's never been an active drug user, but it does exist and can be a dangerous life spent on the edge.

Even though drugs have been detrimental to my life at times, it is other things that have really stuck with me and have altered my life in profound ways. Alcohol is actually something far more dangerous in my life. Like many people, I find myself making poor decisions, and generally making an *** out of myself.

Love has always been something of a challenge as that it's always been accompanied by substances. Maybe just two people having the same interests is the culprit. Maybe not. Either way, it has been the loves of my life have had a more damaging effects on my life then drugs ever have. You can control a dose, but you cannot control the heart, I suppose.

From my own overdoses to the funerals of friends, It's been wild tight rope walk.
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Sep 23, 2012