Oh the Joy

The joy of running around with an "gun" shooting people and getting away with it! Hahaha. Okay so not really going "around" but going around on a paintball field. It's so exciting!!! It's so hard to put into words how exciting it is. It's like ... wow! .... hahaha .... I shoulda gone into the military when I had the chance. I mean ... I still do have the chance but ... I don't know .... I want to ... but I don't ... and then I want to again. Do I really want to subdue my life to the ignorance of the military? Don't get me wrong I have much respect for the soldiers ... its the higher ranks that annoy me. Just because they have a higher "title" doesn't mean they are better than me [in my opinion] to me it just means they have been in longer. Eh! Doesn't bother me much as long as they aren't trying to talk down to me in the civilian world I think we are okay. I have been known to share some words with high ranking officials because he tried to over power me. Sorry buddy civilian world civilian rules. Much respect to ya but don't abuse the power. Had I actually been in the military by all means say what you will but otherwise back off. I love hearing stories though haha. PAINTBALLING IS THE MOST AWESOME!! I LOVE IT!!!
LosingIt LosingIt
22-25, F
Apr 10, 2007