Today's Color

I change colors about every 4 days. Sometimes more often if I have to see someone whom color would not go over with (i.e. my parents and extended family). Right now my color choice is Revlon Not So Blueberry. It has a nice blueberry scent.

Not sure how to add pic here so I will put it with my profile pictures.
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5 Responses Oct 4, 2012

Fabulous sweetie

I just did my fingernails black with glow in the dark sheer over top. Came out really nice.

Blue is a fantastic color have been stuck on blue toe nails all summer long and going into this winter thinking of a change

I sadly have to settle for clear. I know how boring but it is the best I can do for now.

It took some time before I was comfortable with colors. Plus i have two little girls that needed to get used to the idea. There are still times I won't even go with clear though.

Do you do anything en fem other than nails. I underdress 24/7. I go 100% en fem when I can, but that's not to often.

Just changed nail color album to public