Acrylic Paints

I recently made myself and a few friends wands for the Harry Potter book opening.  For this project, I needed paint, and acrylic was the best thing for the job.  I wanted to just get some of the horrible craft paint at Michaels or a similar store, but there don't seem to be any in Berkeley.  Instead, I ended up getting a children's set of artist's acrylics.  I figured if I was getting the "real" paints, then I should pick up a canvas as well.  After I finished my wands, I started playing with the paints on the canvas, I have to say I am loving it.  I am on my second painting now, and learning as I go along.  I love the fact I can do layers, as well as blend the colors.  I think I have found a new hobby, for the moment anyway. 
EPErica EPErica
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2007

i use delta ceramcoat. is that what you use by any chance?

3D painting and artwork. love it.

ahhh - painting ... i LOVE to paint! has been my place of sanity for 4 years now. so it seems you're taking up my painting and i your knitting! lol<br />
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good luck and have fun with it. i realized that some of the canvases/paintings i was sure i'd really messed up (outcome not what i wanted) ended up being something much cooler with a bit of imagination and tweaking ...<br />
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i start knitting tomorrow/later today! hip hip hooray!