Other Little Ways

Little things and little ways get me through every day.

I shave my legs, well everything from my neck down to my toes. I use Nair on my private areas to remove the hair.

My stylist gives me a hair cut that can, depending on how I comb it, be somewhat but not totally masculine or the other way totally feminine.

I use skin moisturizer daily all over my body.

I use a light touch of mascara on my eyelashes to make them just a bit thicker, a bit longer.

I use clear fingernail polish and pink polish on my toes ... daily.

I wear Hanes for Her panties everyday. Weekdays it's white or black ones and divided between nylon and cotton. On weekends ... pink or flowered.

I wear nylon knee highs everyday that are compression stockings ... my legs are a bit older and it works for me.

I also wear pantyhose under my everyday clothes on occasion and every night to bed. I wear heels around the house every night but not to work. (I am geographically separated from my family so it works now)

When I shower I use a body wash that is apricot or some other flowery/fruity smell. It lingers and I do get some compliments for it. It is nice being told I smell good or to be called Miss or Ma'am in stores too. Both happen.

I also buy my pants in the Women's Department of various stores. Some styles do lend themselves to women and men in pants. Plus my body is becoming more feminine and women's pants fit perfectly, mens are extremely baggy and don't fit at the waist any more.

My Annie Hall look doesn't work well any more because my body is more feminine ... an A Cup, small waist and wider hips.

Little ways I pamper myself. Not anything major but they have the right positive effect on my mind and on me.

[A friend asked me this question and in sharing with her I though I might as well share with everyone.]
Josie06 Josie06
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3 Responses May 6, 2012

love long hair and have it half way down my back, just love going to the spa for a style, manicure, pedicure, eyebrows waxed always use light pink toes an fingernails, not much body hair anyway but use nair maybe every 6 weeks usually once a month get a facial and a body massage.

I need to find more ways of pampering me. My life situation rarely allows me to dress up anymore. I do wear pantyhose daily, but sometimes i need a bit more.

Pampering ourselves makes it wonderful to be a woman (though it does take a bit of work)