Perhaps this is an imminent sign of becoming too self-absorbed and indulgent; but I can not hide the satisfaction I feel getting pampered; whether it be a shiatsu massage or an oxy-pod facial to the humble french manicure.

I enjoy the witty banter with my laser therapist, the light-hearted gossip with my hair stylist and even the smiles exchanged with the non-English speaking Chinese woman who threads my eyebrows. To the un-scrutinizing eyes of my father these are unnecessary and terrible ways to squander money. I agree half-heartedly, but I love the ritual and the provisional feeling of "good" subsequent to getting plucked, pinched, waxed, lasered, exfoliated, cleansed, emoliated, steamed and cocooned in seaweed.

And of course the damage it does to my father's sizable wallet, does bring a meek smile to my countenance.

umathena umathena
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2 Responses Jul 7, 2007

lol, good story. if you can afford to do it, might as well.

nothing like pampering one's self. i too enjoy my rituals and wouldn't have it any other way. it's quite relaxing for me even with the pain involved in some of the 'procedures.' it's as if there's a tension/anxiety release through that 'pain' i crave.