Leisure Time Is All About Pampering

It's true...the one thing i hope i will always have the funds and time to do is to pamper myself...Dont get me wrong...i dont go to expensive spas and roll around in tubs of mud and call it a day. for me...well i like the simple things in life. I go to a drug store buy a manicure kit, a pedicure kit, a pumous rock and head home to pamper myself in a cost effective way.

I wake up and take a nice hot shower and wash with lavander soap and chamomile shampoo. I do a mani/pedicure on myself and finally go and brew some green tea (about 4 bags) so that i put 3 into the tub when i fill it up and 1 for myself to drink. As i pour the hot tea into the tub to mix it with the water i filled it up with, i turn on a tiny boombox i have carried into the bathroom with me. I put on a smooth jazz cd, classical music, or a meditation gong cd depending on my mood and i sip my tea from my mug that i brewed to drink. Once the green tea has been mixed into the water, i light a few tea candles and a few lavander/vanilla scented candles and place the rim of my tub. i lie there and enjoy the atmosphere for a while and think up creative ideas for clothing (i love designing clothes). I get a hand mirror and tweezers and start cleaning up my eyebrows, and exfoliating my face with a homemade sugar, olive oil, rosemary orange peel cleanser that i made. Then i clear my mind and rest for a while til i feel like im about to fall asleep. before i do (very dangerous u might drowned so DONT FALL ASLEEP WHILE SOAKING IN THE TUB)  i drain the tub, rinse with warm water and put on some comfy pajama pants and night blouse.

I step into my bedroom and head for my vanity. I sit in front of it and commence splashing green tea that i brewed earlier in the day, on my face. Then i moisturize with a vitamin E lotion mixed with green tea. I begin to untangle my hair and pat it dry (I NEVER USE A BLOW DRIER). Once my hair has air dried, i either leave it down, or roll it up in cheap foam curlers depending on how i want to style my hair the next day. I finally fall asleep and the next day feel extremely relaxed, fresh, alert and rested.


I recommend anyone with a stressful life/job to try to pamper urself at home as often as possible. try this method or change it up a bit if you like. its amazing what a few hours of pampering urself can do for your body.

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1 Response Feb 4, 2010

The desc<x>ription sounds heavenly. I love the whold pampering ritual especially when i get to do it myself.