Beautiful Bears

pandas are such a lovely part of nature. they're so adorable, i want to squeeze them every time i see one. those little "masks" of theirs are irresistible! :)

i pray for the safety of pandas, as i do all living things.

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3 Responses Mar 5, 2009

aww, mizzblue, that story is sooo adorable! i love love love nature documentaries, and pandas are so much fun to watch. they look very squeezable indeed...<br />
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...although, as drachirhk points out, squeezing isn't always the best idea! :)<br />
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cpaguy, the san diego zoo is one of my dream destinations. i'd love to see all the beautiful exhibits, and a little of that awesome san diego weather wouldn't hurt either!

I saw a documentary on the mother panda giving birth. It was truly amazing. The little panda is no longer than maybe 4-5 inches - eyes are closed still. Climbs up to mother and lives in a pouch like pocket almost (sorry - I don't know what it is called). It was really amazing.

ilve pandas too!