Moms Best Girl Friend Panty Drawer

Just about every two weeks or so my mother would take me to see her best friend. Her friend was single and about maybe 5 yrs younger than my mom. Anyway I had a sexual fantasy all the time about peeking on moms friend if I ever could. She was sexy and and had nice **** which were for me a teen mans best friend. This one particular day when we visited as usual mom and her friend yacked and talked about things I wasn't all that into. I asked if I could use the bathroom and moms friend said yes but use the one upstairs please. I was excited because her bedroom was up there too. I went to the bathroom and got int her laundry hamper seeking some of her lingerie to rub or feel at least. Apparently she did her laundry so nothing was in the hamper. I then went into her bedroom and opened her dresser drawer and there was my prize. Adrawer full of pretty Vanity Fair panties and slips,bras, nylons garter belts. I pulled my pants down and pulled a pair of her sexy blue panties and rubbed my **** till I shot a huge load in them, then stroked some more till *** of my *** had drained into her undies. I fantasized about ******* and sucking her as I did my duty in her sexy undies. Foled them back up and left them probably a bit crusty when she found them. I felt around in her dresser drawer some more and found hidden deep in her slips and nylons behold a *****. I almost yelled lout hey she has a **** for herself but shut my mouth and admired the long and hard **** knowing what she did at night alone. Now I needed to find a way to watch her use it and maybe see her naked.
Anyway that is another story but I put things back and went down to my mom and acted like nothing was amiss.
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I love all there is to know about panties. When I was younger I used to sneak up to my aunts bedroom and try on all her panties.

love to slide around and *** in your panty pile and then try some on and jo again or have some one do me.

yes, I had a chance to stay over for a week due to family going away on a vacation and I needed to stay home. Will write about it later this week and check it out. Very hot week for me. hint She did notice her crusted panties in her drawer.