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I Encourage My Wife To Flash Her Panties

It first started when my wife started accidentally flashed her sexy white lacy panties when we were she was trying on a new skirt in a dress shop. This was a dress shop that was run owned and run a by male. The changing room had a badly fitted curtain as the "door". The way my wife had pulled the curtain, there was a wide gap between the edge of the curtain and the frame of the cubicle, clearly showing my wife getting undressed to try on the new skirt. The male owner was enjoying the view of my wife in her panties, and to my surprise I was not angry at this, but extremely turned on. After we left the shop my wife was completely oblivious to what had happened. However, when we talked about it, because it turned us both on, it was the start of many years of exposing her panties in public. More stories to follow.
Shay42 Shay42 51-55 5 Responses Dec 17, 2010

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Sounds hot

Sounds hot

Sounds hot

Same thing, it start out as a accident, and when we talked about it we both got turned on. So from that day on we would plan her flashs, from shoe shopping to male friends (always single) stopping by the house, we went from wearing pantys to no pantys, it was way more of a turn-on when the guy seen her goods close up. And she made sure they did,

Looking forward to them! Bill in va.