We Love Car Salesmen

My wife and I enjoy flashing car salesmen. The problem is we know they take turns walking out to the lot whenever a customer shows up. If that person is not a serious buyer, the salesman goes to the back of the line. Getting to look up a woman’s dress or down her blouse may give them a thrill, but it does not pay the bills.

The last time we went car lot flashing, she wore a short flared dress. She does not like wearing thongs, but the panties she wears tend to ride up her butt cheeks, giving plenty of bare skin and plenty of panties to look at.

She walked slowly around the car that we pretended to be interested in. After moving ahead of the salesman she bent over to read the tire size – not something a woman is normally concerned with. This was her fist opportunity to give the salesman a chance to look up her dress. She normally is a fast reader, but when she knows that some guy is looking while she is bending over she suddenly becomes a slow reader. She then asked to see the car trunk. She leaned in and reached around to make sure it could hold all of our groceries. She lifted the carpet and inspected the spare tire compartment. This required her to reach in with both hands and to lean forward even more.

We next moved on to the interior. I let my wife get into the driver’s seat while I stood forward of the open driver’s door. I saw that her dress had slid up to within a couple of inches from her pretty little panty triangle. She began to ask the salesman to describe many of the interior features, forcing him to step in closer and to lean down in order to answer her various questions. Whenever she would raise her right arm to point to things on the dashboard and the instrument panel, the top of her dress would push forward and open up substantially, enough that you could see her entire right breast, nipple and all – she does not wear a bra. Her nipple was visibly swollen, telling me that she was getting excited.

She then reached down to the hood release lever, located directly below the steering wheel. She pretended to have trouble pulling on the lever and asked the salesman for his help. The salesman squatted down and reached in with his right hand. Since her knees were partly in the way, she spread them apart slightly, allowing his arm to reach down between her open legs. He was wearing a short sleeve pullover, which meant his bare arm was resting between her exposed legs. After he succeeded in opening the hood, he withdrew his arm, but remained squatting next to the side of the car.

She maintained her knees spread apart and then swiveled to her left as if she was about to get out. The entire crotch area of her lacy pink panties was now in full display. Without adjusting her position or the direction she was facing, she twisted her upper body to her right and began to play with the radio. She pretended to be distracted and not aware of her open legs. This gave him a chance to stare up her dress and at her crotch. His face was only a couple of inches from her knees. If he had given in to temptation and reached up her dress to pull her panties aside to expose or to play with her *****, I would have understood. Actually, I had hoped he would.

She then swiveled her legs back inside, leaned to her right and stretched her right arm back between the two front seats, all the way to the back seat area. Doing this caused her dress to pull up all the way up over her butt. Her panties had by now crept up her butt cheeks and it was almost as if she was wearing a thong. I walked around to the passenger side in order to make it less awkward for the salesman to fully take in the view, rather than having me stand there looking down at him. During the time that I was walking around the car, my wife must have asked or said something to him that I did not hear. When I began to open the passenger door, I saw that he was now leaning in through the open driver’s door. His left hand was resting on the top of the steering wheel and his right hand over her exposed left hip. She was not complaining.

He glanced over at me, perhaps wondering if I was going to say anything to him. I smiled and said nothing. His right hand was still resting over her left hip. I saw his right hand slide down over her left butt cheek and the fingers of his right hand slide underneath and disappear below the seam of her panties. It became obvious that he had found the opening he was probing for when she let out a sudden moan.

She twisted further to her right so that her butt was facing up. The bottom half of her dress was now fully around her waist. Her sexy panties were in full display. I had forgotten that she was wearing a pair of panties with tie-strings on either side. She opened her legs and raised her left knee up, giving him more room to place his right hand fully between her legs. He glanced over at me again. I smiled and again said nothing. His right hand was now pushing even harder against her *****. As he kept probing in and out with his fingers, she started moaning in obvious pleasure.

I unzipped, pulled my penis out, and began to play with myself while watching my wife being finger-banged by a total stranger. I was so wet I could barely hold the shaft in my hand. He then pulled the tie-string on her left hip, causing her panties to fall open. Her bare butt was now fully exposed. He inserted his forefinger and middle finger both inside her ***** and continued to finger-bang her. Each time he pushed his fingers in, she let out a loud moan; each time he pulled his fingers back, I could see that they were drenched in her juices. This continued for several minutes.

He started to unzip his pants with his left hand. It was obvious what he wanted to do next. We had never let things go this far before. I had fantasized watching her being ****** by another man, but had never known for sure if I would want it to actually happen, especially with me sitting only 1-2 feet away. After he had unzipped his pants, I felt certain it was about to happen and I was not going to stop him. I knew my wife was ready for it and I wanted her to enjoy it. I love her very much and we both feel very secure in our marriage. I had replayed the fantasy in my mind so many times in the past that I immediately ********** all over my hand, the front of my pants, and the dashboard.

Just as I exploded, we heard people approaching. They were still several cars away, but they were slowly walking in our direction. Fortunately, they stopped to look at another car when they were still several yards away. The three of us had no choice but to stop. As we stepped out of the car, I saw my wife hand the salesman her panties. She had either decided to give him something to remember her by, or had rewarded him for the pleasure he had given her. She had apparently pulled the remaining tie-string as she was stepping out and before pulling her dress down. When she did this, she gave him a fabulous frontal view of what he had almost gotten to tap.

We thanked the salesman and began to walk away. He quickly pulled a business card from his shirt pocket and handed it to my wife, saying he would like to take her for a test drive whenever she wanted. She smiled and took the card, but after he turned to walk away, she put his card on the hood of one of the cars as we walked past and said she was not interested in test driving any car without me.

Once in our car, we drove to a nearby factory parking lot. It was a weekend and this particular factory was closed. She said she wanted us to pretend that I was a car salesman and that she was a horny housewife out car shopping by herself. I finished what the poor salesman had not been able to. I don’t care whether she was thinking about me or thinking about him while we ******. She was definitely feeling horny after he had primed her, and I was the lucky recipient.
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Makes me want to sell cars.

your wife is right on!! glad you both are on the same page. Keep on having this kind of fun!!

damn guy... I'm am definitely going to change careers... very hot story! Tks for sharing. bill in va.