Love It When She Flashes Her Pantys

I love it when my wife flashes her panties to strangers, I especially love to hear about it if I wasn't there when it happened, I remember about 10 years ago, when we living in a 2nd floor flat which had a concrete stairwell, I had just got to the train station and was on my way home, as I walked up the hill I saw my wife coming towards me wearing a short skirt, when we got to our flats, she giggled a bit as we came up the stairs, when I asked her what the matter was, she said that earlier in the day, she had received a wolf whistle as she walked up the stairs, she explained that when she had come in earlier she had passed a workman painting the bottom of the door of the woman who lived directly below us, and as the stairs were right next to the door and she always walked on the left, he must have got a great view all the way up the stairs and even up the next set, I agreed that I would test her theory out and so I got into where the workman had been kneeling and she walked up the stairs (in the same skirt obviously) the view was fantastic as she exposed a lot of her bottom in those cotton white panties and there was even a 2nd view of the front of the panties as she went up the stairs, directly above him...she didn't seem overly bothered about the workman and what he saw....neither did I....I suppose I have seen quite a few other men's wives exposed panties over the years, so it is only fair they see my wife!

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Well geez, I guess we girls are busted, lol! You pair up the fact that girls love getting attention from guys with the other fact that guys have a huge fascination for looking up a skirt and checking out panties and have the fixings for a lifelong tease and flirt dynamic.
I remember for me this started as far back as kindergarten and the primary grades. Going to a private school we all wore uniforms with short pleated skirts which easily revealed the goodies as we swung on the monkey bars and other playground equipment. Of course many moms, including my own, would dress their daughters with bike shorts to wear under the skirt or something similar for modesty. But there were many girls, including myself, would forego the extra shielding because frankly it got the interest of the boys. Now, of course, in response to receiving this interest from boys we all acted offended and accused the lads of being yucky. Later however, especially when we had those group sleepover parties we'd laugh at the whole silly drama including our part in it. But hey it didn't deter the behavior! So in later years such as high school when there wasn't playground material to stage the teasing there were plenty of 'oh my gosh!' moments like skirt flipping windy days or the long bend-over at the drinking fountain or picking up a dropped book. I would guess most girls are not into this and I tip my hat to them for their sensibility. But hey, for the rest of us, what's wrong with adding a bit of spice to a moment now and then?

My wife discovered flashing was something she really enjoyed. We were walking along the prom at Blackpool last summer, and I had bought her some white frilly knickers and a kiss me quick hat in a trashy shop. A strong wind suddenly breezed across the road and up went her summer dress above her waist..

What a lovely treat the lads behind got.

Not only the frilly knickers but some lovely dark tan stockings and suspenders!!

She made no attempt to push her skirt down, squeezing my hand and saying "Knickers. I love my knickers. Wheeeeee"

We went back to the trashy shop later and bought a load of sexy knickers to her liking.

Fantastic idea must get my wife to do something like that.

I love to show my panties as well. My hubby gets really turned on by the thought of others seeing my panites

can anyone chat with me on cam and show ur wifes panty

I can't believe that I got so upset before if she was wearing anything see through or sexual, I'd feel really uncomfortable & would stare at other men if they were looking at her, now I love it, I cannot wait for summer & those short dresses & skirts, I actually want strangers to get a great view of those panties, the more the better.

i like your attitude towards men seeing your wife's panties! while i was still with my second wife, i encouraged her to show her panties to anyone that was trying to look! she seemed to enjoy it as much as us men did! i wish i were the work man who got to look up your wife's skirt! i would really have loved that! thanx!