It All Started With Nylon.

When I was growing up for the first 5-years I slept in the same room as my sister who was 12. This was until we moved to a larger house. I had a favorite blanket with a satin binding and I noticed how nice my sisters slips felt...just like my blanket. I grew more interested and my mother didn't make a big deal about it or make me feel bad for taking her slips to bed with me. We moved to that larger house and we had bedrooms next to each other. Those days of discovery were from 1954 into the early 60's. Stockings were everywhere nylon slips and panties grew into wearing stockings and then to pantyhose. But nylon was the introduction to my fem side.
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I too loved the satin edging on my blankets when I was young, Now today as you I blame all the soft and satiny items I wear are because of that plus I was born to wear them.

I wonder how many blankets put us into this pleasure zone......I certainly thank \'the blanket god\' for the intense pleasure over a lifetime that the satin edging has given us all.

I have a satin comforter on my bed now and I snuggle with it every night, plus I wear my pantyhose to bed too.

Very early start....I did it occasionally...putting my mom's things on in my early teens....but it went on the back burner until I turned 50 seven years ago.

Nylon, satin and silk next to the thighs, buttocks, testicles, **** and thighs is so lovely.

Like your story
I was the same seeing my mother and sister in girdle,fully fashioned cuban heeled stockings,full slip and high heeled shoes.
Everywhere you went in those days you saw this sort of thing.

Thanks for your comments. Passing the stores displaying the latest stocking styles...WOW. On shopping day I would tag along with my mom or gram to buy their stockings. I listened and learned what made them so soft and silky. Little did I know that this woud be with me all of my life, especially after becomming a wearer.

i can no tlive without my femm side naylons ,silk, must bedaily on my skin kisses sweety

I can't wear daily but it would be VERY nice.

The feeling of silks and satin materials is sensational next to the skin.

It thrills all of the senses....especially the brain-flooding it with snap shots of those glorious garments and fond memories of past experiences.

Fabulous sweetie