Wearing Mum's Panties

I can remember clearly the first time I wore a pair of Mum's panties. I was home from school sick. I don't know what happened at first but it was probably watching her straighten her stockings, or whatever ladies did then. I know that seeing her from my bed [I was just six] seeing her lift her frock and then her fingers on her suspenders, I looked and could just see her panties, tight to her crotch. Only for a few brief seconds, but I know it made my little penis so hard that I made a tent of the bedclothes and fingered my penis as I watched Mum dressing completely. I don't thing she had any idea what I was feeling and thinking as she kissed me and told me to rest and sleep whilst she went into town to get my Influenza prescription from the pharmacist. I heard the door shut and got out of bed and went to the bathroom and the dirty linen basket. Fumbling among the clothes I found a pair of Mums panties, light, almost sky blue, with dark blue trimming. I quickly slipped my pyjamas off and slid the panties. The feel of the silk, the softness yet to was my little penis fitted so snugly into the crotch. Even as I got hard thinking of Mum and her private parts nestling in the crotch I ***. It was the most delicious feeling I had ever experienced in my life. It has led me to try to get close to women as they slip their panties down, or pull them up. The lovely sizzle as the silk almost sparkles. Even now, after sitting in hundreds of ladies toilets, or even seeing openly ladies, mostly Mums friends, as they go to the toilet, the feeling as I *** just gets better and better.
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18-21, M
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Fabulous sweetie

Thanks Sammi, its getting such lovely compliments that makes me feel I am not alone, love Franc xx