My First Hard On

i know what you went through. i was raised as a girl from birth because my mother wanted a girl not another boy like my brother. every one thought i was a girl in my neighborhood because i was always in dressed and played with the girls all the time, never the boys, they were too rough with us. one day i was out playing with the girls and they were showing off there panties to one an other and something started to happen inside of me that i had never felt before. that thing between my legs started to grow and get real hard watching the girls showing off there panties and then it happened. i started to *** right in my nice white lace panties. with that i jumped up and ran for the house and the movement of my hard on against my nylon panties just made it worse and i started ******* again. by the time i got home i was covered in ***, it was every where. when i told my mother she laughed and hugged me saying it was alright and cleaned me up and we talked about it. it happened several times after that but i was ready for it when it happened again. but the girls never knew and we moved after that from Del. to Md.
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61-65, T
May 10, 2012