The Whole Getup

So When I used to live by myself, I already had all the women's clothes I needed to cross dress. So Every night I would dress up and it would make me feel so freaking good. with the Black mini dress I put on, The pantyhose that went with my beautiful legs, my 6-inch pumps that I love so much. and yeah that's all I would wear three things. no underwear and no bra except for one night I decide I would challenge myself to do something I would never do before.

I lived in a Trailer park and it wasn't a bad one like you usually see. and there lived a lot of latinos in my neighborhood and they all knew me cause I am latino myself and they really never messed with me. and there lived some North Americans as well but not a whole lot. but anyway back to my cross dressing. So every night like around 8 I would dress up and walk around the house in my women clothes and play video games in them lol. So one night I wanted to do something risky and walk outside with my clothes and mind you that there is a road(not a dirt road more like just regular road like the one you drive on lol anyway) and theres sometimes people outside talking or just hanging out, So I would wait until like 12 at night when everybody was like asleep and I would go out. and man oh man was it a way to get horny and get excited just to be caught(which didn't happen at all) and I would walk out on the street and walk like a women and it would feel so great. So that same night I decided to walk all the way up to the store which was like 30 secs away from my house, I was half-way there when dogs started to bark and I immediately Turned back and ran home and when I got home my feet hurt so bad cause I was in 6-inch heels and I just went to bed with my women clothes on. and that night was a night I won't forget cause it turned me on so much before I went to sleep I jacked-off and came so good that my eyes closed on me lol.

One last part.

Some nights I would just be there with my women clothes on and I would get so horny that I would want my future self to come back to my time and pull down my pantyhose and **** me in the ***. and sometimes I would hope some hot guy would come over and **** me dry until his *** was inside me(wow as I'm writing this I am in my pantyhose and getting so horny lol.) and dripping out. but it never happened. but the thought is what counts lol. I am not gay, I am just a man who appreciates women so much that I wear their clothes.
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Love the post, reminds me when I first stepped outside in my dress and stockings

First, I want to beg you to add me as your friend. Your privacy setting stops me from adding you unless you add me first. PLEASE. and THANK YOU.
I like the story I just read and am going to read all of your stories to see just how hot they get. I like them hot so they make me hot.