We Love Pantyhose Sex

My wife and I both enjoy wearing pantyhose while having intercourse, I am lucky to have found a woman who enjoys how the fabric feels against her, she goes crazy when I rub her through pantyhose. It was her idea for me to wear pantyhose and to stroke me through pantyhose, it first started with her wrapping them around me and stroking me, then a few months of that she said how about you try them on and I can stroke, lick, etc you through them. Talk about getting excited, I could barely get them up without exploding. She enjoys licking, sucking and rubbing me through them all of which makes me *** so hard. I love being able to see the material getting soaked with my *** and my wife also does as she usually licks my *** off the pantyhose. We have also had intercourse with us both wearing pantyhose, I love to rip a hole in hers and mine and do her doggy style so I can caress her pantyhose covered butt while I slide in and out. Seeing how turned on my wife gets I would think more woman would enjoy the feeling of pantyhose against them if they tried it. Check out our profile for more about us.
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

I wish more couples had sex with pantyhose on. I know when I make love to my wife and I'm wearing pantyhose, I *** so, SO hard.

thats my dream ,i fantasize often about that