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As far as I'm concerned, pantyhose to clothing is as spices are to food. Just about any food is enhanced with the right spices. And just about any clothing is enhanced by pantyhose. Granted, I know there are those that hate pantyhose, and think they are a torturous device created by the most evil of minds. And there are those of us that simply love pantyhose.

I have never worn leggings. I'm not sure why I haven't, but in all my years, I've never really considered trying them on. I think that needs to change. It's time to get a pair of leggings to see what they are all about. And when I do, I will be wearing pantyhose underneath!

I think pantyhose under leggings is a very sexy look. You do not see it very often, as I suspect, the sentiment is that it is a bit redundant.

I would be interested to hear from those that have worn pantyhose under their leggings. Chime in under the comment section if you have.
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Great comparison! I'm going to use that expression next time I wear pantyhose. I bought some black suede booties that have some cool straps on the side yesterday morning. I bought some black Sheer Energy PH. I wore a button-down patterned shirt with different shades of blue, black, and a little white and a black suede vest over the shirt. I wore some short blue denim shorts over the black PH. The over-all look took drew several looks throughout the day. I have short slender toned legs, but I've noticed that that wearing black PH with shorter shorts make the legs look longer.

The black PH was a spice to my complete outfit. I should have made a photo!

Sounds very nice!

Hi Stacy,

I thought I was the only one that wore pantyhose under my leggings so it's interesting that you brought this topic up. I wear my leggings as pants and some of my leggings are see through and worn with panties you can see the VPL. Wearing only pantyhose and no panties under my leggings they are no longer see through and there is no VPL. Get yourself a pair of leggings and put them on over your pantyhose and you'll never want to wear anything else. I have got rid of all my uncomfortable jeans and will only wear leggings now.

Hi Rosario - glad to meet a fan of wearing their pantyhose under leggings. I know I will love it.

Hi Stacy!
Funny you should mention this. I almost always wear pantyhose when away from home. Most times around the house, no pantyhose. So if I'm making a quick trip to IGA for just a few things when I might not bother to put them on.
The one thing I would stress is getting them in the right size. Those pictures where a woman is wearing pantyhose and the gusset is many inches from her panties, I can't stand that. I like mine up nice and snug.
In the past I have worn knit pantyhose in colder weather, this winter I wore leggings, thicker knits and they did help keep my legs warm. Yes, I wore my panties and pantyhose under them.

Thanks for commenting Rachael. It's great to hear that you typically wear pantyhose when you go out and about. I like wearing at home, away from home, just about anytime. I know what you mean about getting them in the right size. I usually wear a size 4 (fairly consistent with the brands I purchase). I tried a size 3 once just to see, and the gusset would droop as you described - yuck. I'm like you, I like mine up against me too. I'm glad to hear you wear pantyhose under your leggings!