My Love For Pantyhose

My pantyhose fetish, and love for pantyhose started when I was very young, about 3 or 4 I think.  Now, I don't remember exactly how the wearing of the pantyhose got started for me, but here goes.  I also don't remember this, but I was about 3 or 4, so this was about 22 years ago, all I know about this is what my mother told me: my grandmother would take a pair of her old pantyhose that she was going to throw away, put rocks in them, and take me out to her back yard.  Then she would throw them up in the air and her and I would laugh at how funny it looked coming down.  And I honestly believe that I started wearing pantyhose because I was the only boy in my family and I would see my sister and girl cousins wearing them.  So, I would borrow pantyhose out of my older sister's drawer and wear them.  Did I get caught wearing them?  You better believe it!  I don't remember the outcome of that, but I do know that from about there on my mother and grandmother would give me their old pantyhose to wear.  I would even hide them under my sister's bed and say they were her's!  Why I did that, I have no idea.  Anyway, I can remember that I did go a long while without the pleasure of wearing pantyhose.  I can remember that after my parents divorced and remarried is when my fetish really took off.  I lived with my mother and stepfather.  I was about 11 years old at this time.  When I'd be home alone, I'd wear my mom or my younger stepsister's pantyhose, lay on the couch and just rub my hosed legs and feet together.  Did I ********** with them?  You better believe that too!  Well, that went on for quite sometime, FORTUNATELY I was never caught!  So, when I was 13 years old, getting ready to start the seventh grade, I decided to move in with my dad and ex-stepmother (if you will).  Of coarse, just about the same story there, I'd be home alone and borrow her pantyhose and wear them.  It was then that I discovered my favorite brand of pantyhose: Silkies.  She would order Silkies pantyhose and when I was home alone, I'd sneak in her drawer and wear them.  Of coarse, she began to notice stuff in her drawer not exactly how she left it, so she confronted me.  Did I confess?  HELL NO!  So, I knew that she believed in ghosts, so I used that to my advantage and told her that I had heard some strange things coming out of her and my dad's bedroom, and that dummy believed me!  So that was the end of that.  And when I FINALLY got my driver's license at the age of 17 I was now buying my own pantyhose, sneaking them home and wearing them!  Now, I couldn't order Silkies so I'd buy my second favorite pantyhose: L'eggs suntan, regular panty, reinforced toe.  Well, now here I am, 26 years old, married, and with a 2 year old daughter.  I do still wear pantyhose, I even order my beloved Silkes pantyhose.  I was shaving my legs but my wife made me stop doing that, and she's trying to get me to stop wearing pantyhose altogether.  We've been married for 6 1/2 years and I've promised that I'd stop wearing (she never liked it from the get-go).  But I really have no plans to stop.  I love pantyhose, always have, always will.  In fact, I'm wearing a pair of Silkies Ultra total leg control support pantyhose, beige color as I'm typing this.  I also LOVE encasing in pantyhose!  I discovered that back about 14 years ago, when I found a pair of my mother's pantyhose with the a huge hole torn out of the crotch, and I wanted to see what it felt like wearing pantyhose on the top half of my body.  GREAT of coarse!  And I've loved it every since.  Well, that's my story. 
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HI guys, There are about ten manufacturers of mens pantyhose in the world now, they wouldn't be making them if men were not wearing them. Be bold, be a MAN, be yourself and wear what you feel comfortable in. Don't let other peoples ignorance determine your wardrobe. Don't let fear be the motivating factor in your life. Enjoy being youself and enjoy the pantyhose (mantyhose) you desire.

Roysgirl, thank you for the comment. I sure do wish my wife was as supportive of my pantyhose wearing as you are with your boyfriend. She never wears pantyhose for me, in fact she only occasionally wears them to church.

This was a great story to hear... Thanks for sharing. My wonderful boyfriend loves pantyhose too. He has some similar stories he's shared with me. I now love to wear pantyhose for him... I love when we wear them together...

Thanks PHSensei. My wife is still trying to get me to stop wearing, but she's been quiet about it lately. Maybe one day she'll realize I'm not gonna stop.

My wife wears rarely, but she enjoys how they feel. So on occasion she will wear for me. But shes quite happy to have me wear them and enjoy rubbing my silky legs. It works for us.

I kniw i cant change your mind, that's something yku have to decide for yourself. I just know that path you are on leads to lots of pain. Hopefully things work out for you, your wife, and yoir daughter.<br />
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I just know you need to be true to yourself in in order for you and your family to be happy in years to come.

Very good points all of you. I'm not a hose wearer myself, but love hose on women more than anything else. Really it seems that communication is the key no matter what the issue. Just curious do most of enjoy your wifes/gfs wearing hose as well? Are they receptive to wearing them for you?

Well, how did your family take it when you broke it to them? See, you don't understand my family. Believe it or not, there is not ONE homosexual on my family. I'm not bragging or anything but there's not. And in my family, men wearing any type of women's clothing IS considered to be gay. That's why there is NO WAY I could let any of my family know of my pantyhose wearing and why I think it's necessary for me to stop by the time my daughter is old enough to know the difference.

In order to be acceoted, you have to accept yourself first. I thought that my family would freak out but they all know now. Most don't understand, but they don't treat me any differently. I don't flaunt it in front of them either. <br />
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If it seems normal to your daughter, the it won't be something she blurts out at the family reunion. Explain to her why you wear. Tell her they make your legs feel better and help with leg pain. They help with circulation etc. <br />
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Just a thought. In the end its your choice, I'm just trying to show you there is another way if you really want it.

Thanks, PHSensei again for the comment! But, I'm afraid my daughter, when she's old enough to understand that men aren't supposed to wear pantyhose, will just blurt out out of the blue to my family that "Daddy wears pantyhose!" I mean, I have family that I DO NOT want knowing that i wear. (My mom, dad, sisters, etc.) They'll NEVER accept it! It's just the way my family was brought up. Old-fashioned ways.

First off, there is nothing wrong with a guy wearing pantyhose. Tights were worn by manly men way before women wore them. For some men its a fashion choice, for others it may be a fetish. Fetishes aren't bad, and you can't will them away.<br />
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Do yourself a favor and check out and look up legwear for men as unisex fashion. There are plenty of men there we wear, and many wear openly with shorts. Its a good resource especially for non fetish wearing.<br />
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As for your little girl, she will love you regardless. If she grows up knowing daddy wears pantyhose, then daddy wearing pantyhose will always seem normal. Dropping the bomb when she's a teenager will be much harder for her to accept.<br />
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My stepson knows I wear and why. Its been 3 years since we told him and its no biggie. So earlier is always better.

PHSensei, thanks for the comment on my story, I really appreciate that. You know, it's really nice to have found a site like this where I can connect with other straight men who simply like to wear pantyhose. I've tried everything I can to convince my wife to accept my pantyhose wearing, but she won't. I've got somewhere around a dozen pairs of pantyhose, and I've promised my wife that when they're all torn then I'll stop wearing. And you may be right, PHSensei, I might sneak them after she thinks that I've stopped. I've done that before, and she damn near left me. So now she knows I wear hose, she knows how many hose I have, and she knows that I encase in pantyhose from time to time. But I've promised her that I'll stop because I want my marriage to work and I don't want my daughter growing up knowing that her daddy wears pantyhose. Now, by the time she is old enough to understand, men's pantyhose may very well be a big fashion trend and men everywhere may be wearing them. I don't know. Maybe society will accept it as the "norm" one of these millenia!

My first marriage failed because I wore pantyhose. She knew when we dated but in her mind it would eventually stop and it was a phase. After 10 years together she'd had enough. There was no comprimise to be had, it was her way (no hose) or she was leaving. She left and I have been happier ever since. She came to regret being so pig headed and selfish; she wanted to get back together but I was done and had moved on.<br />
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You need to had a long talk with your wife and mother of your child. Good, bad, or indifferent this is something that you do and will do your whole life. You can try and even promise to stop but it will be a lie. You will sneak and hide and do it anyways. Sure with less frequency but it won't stop. She will be ticked when she finds out too, and she will.<br />
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Better to sit down and discuss it. Set boundaries, times, places etc. A good marriage works this way and you committed your lives to each other... through the good and bad times, for better or for worse. She cannot change you, and she shouldn't feel betrayed as she knew of this before you wed.<br />
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I told my ex that I knew with every fiber of my being that I wouldn't stop wearing hose. And if I did, and stuck to it that I would resent her so much that we would split up later. So if we were to break up, better to be sooner than later.<br />
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I have since met and married a wonderful woman who accepts my pantyhose wearing as well as other things... she's a gem and I cherish her. Acceptance is the greatest gift.

I also love pantyhose. My GF of 19 years (we'll marry SOME day) was against it at first. Eventually she grew to accept it. Some of her friends had boyfriends who were worse off, like being into drugs or being heavy drinkers, etc. So in the grand scheme of things, a pantyhose fetish is really quite harmless. It's not dangerous or illegal like a drug addiction, and it doesn't hurt other people around you. It's only "bad" if someone labels it "bad" in their mind. And in their mind, the world revolves around their personal opinion about what is "bad," even if it isn't really bad at all. For example, if I have a beer after a long day at work, most people would agree there's nothing "bad" with that. But in some religions, touching a beer means I'm going to hell. It's only bad simply because they proclaim it to be so, not because there is any merit to the argument.<br />
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Is loving pantyhose normal? In what society views as "normal," probably not. But neither are drugs, alcoholism, gambling addiction, infidelity, etc. Pantyhose? Harmless!! Ultimately I think this is how my GF came to see things. She will never wear pantyhose because she hates to. But she's fine with me being myself in pantyhose.

johnmountain, <br />
I think my wife's greatest opposition to my wearing pantyhose is that she was raised by her father and grandmother, who are DEVOUT Christians (nothing wrong with that) and she was taught, like many other girls, that only women are to wear pantyhose. I told her about my desire for hose when we were engaged, and she took it quite well, a little awkward though. We did try pantyhose encasement sex once and she hated it. In fact, she really don't much like pantyhose. Thanks for your comment though, and if you want to know more, let me know! By the way, are you a pantyhose wearer as well or just admirer?